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A collection of 10,000 unique Captain Gambles are generated algorithmically using over 200 traits with proof of ownership on the Ethereum blockchain and a focus on utility.


Each Captain Gamble is a 3D piece of digital art that doubles up as a VIP membership card like you’d get at a regular casino.

Become a SuperKrass VIP by owning a Captain Gamble and enjoy the benefits, which multiply if you own more than one!

What is SuperKrass MetaCasino?

SuperKrass is the upcoming MetaCasino that will set new standards in the gambling and gaming industry.

We are launching our first NFT Sale and there will be a fair distribution across two sales where each Captain Gamble will cost 0.10 ETH in the pre sale and 0.15 ETH in the Public Sale. Total supply is 10,000 Captain Gambles, every NFT is unique.

Read the instructions in the FAQ section to learn how to mint your 3D Captain Gamble. Don’t miss to join our discord as we announce there all important informations.



What is a casino without slots! We will be designing and developing exciting new slots with different ways of winning.

Supercharge the slots by using special hero powers of your Captain Gamble every 24 hours for 30 minutes for a increased chance of winning jackpots and a higher chance of winning rows.

Your superpowers will be determined by the rarity of your Captain Gamble NFT

NFT Roulette

10 players bet 1 of their NFT’s but only one wins! 

Build your NFT portfolio by spinning the wheel.

Captain Gamble uses his super powers to give you more chances than players without a Captain Gamble.

The rarer your Captain – the higher the power. It doesn’t work when the other players own a Captain Gamble as well.


Enjoy exciting card table games like blackjack and other classic games.

The Casino is intimidated by GAMBLE’S METALLIX golden skin so they made him an owner of the casino.

As owner of the SuperKrass MetaCasino he makes sure that you get a Cash Back on your losses every month! This value is determined by the rarity of your NFT.


Once our public minting event is closed we will open the SuperKrass MetaCasino.

Owners of Captain Gamble NFTs will receive a share of all casino profits, with proceeds sent directly to the wallets holding Captain Gamble.

The rarity AND your engagement in our community decide your percentage of monthly profits.

Super powers

Every Captain Gamble has unique super powers depending on the skin/fabric. Some Captain Gambles also get additional super powers when they have special items that will be introduced at a later stage.

Below are 3 types of super powers to give you an Idea how your Captain Gamble can help you in the SuperKrass MetaCasino. The mentioned characters below are just posted here to give you a general IDEA!

Every trait can be something different making your Captain Gamble more powerful.


Mettalix GAMBLE

Mettalix is a true money maker. Everything he touches turns into gold.

Cash Back


Mecha Gamble

Mecha Gamble is a master of math and automatization

Slot Manipulation


charming GAMBLE

Charming Gamble makes the dealer weak with his charme.

Increased Chance at Card Games



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We are not shy to show our faces because we are in love with our Captain Gamble PFP. Check out our Instagram to learn more about us. The SuperKrass Team has members from all around the globe. Our founder is also the man behind EarlyMinter which is a platform that was built to help users find upcoming NFT projects.

As a team we have established and developed many successful online businesses. We are growing currently growing at a rapid pace – which means we are looking for creative and motivated members to join our team of experts. Send us your meaningful application and tell us why we need you in the team.




Community Manager


Co Founder






Join our Team





We value each and every member in our community. Don’t take our word for that join our discord and ask our community yourself what they think about this project. We assign different roles for each member on discord based on their activities and engagement for the project. We didn’t want to build hype – We wanted to build a community that thrives. 


We are giving away $100,000 in prices for the community after the public sale. It depends on your discord role which which giveaway tier you will be competing in.

The KrassArmy role who are our most loyal community members and of which there will be only 100 members will be competing for a brand new luxury car or the equivalent in cash (up to $70,000)

Holders of Captain Gamble NFT who are not KrassArmy will be participating in several cash giveaways paid out in crypto.


Marketing started.

We have finished the development of the Captain Gamble concept. In this phase we will focus on driving awareness to our project while gaining traction.

Whitelisting started

We started to welcome new community members and engage them in our discord. Once certain goals are reached those members will be whitelisted.


We strongly believe that a strong community is the only way to ensure a profitable outcome of the project. By building a strong community that supports the project the hype and the general awareness of the project will also increase. This step is a continuous task throughout the project.

Release and mint of super power cards
We are releasing a special 250pcs collection that will power up your captain gaimble once minted. To find out more join our discord and visit the #SuperPowerCards channel.

Finding suitable influencers on various social media platforms to gain more traffic and audience to all channels of the SuperKrass Project. 

Whitepaper release

Only a few days left until the private sale where whitelisted community members can mint their Captain Gamble. It's time to release the Whitepaper!

Private sale!

1000 Captain Gambles are exclusively up for sale to whitelisted members of our discord community. 


The successful private sale allows us to run a HUGE marketing campaign all across the NFT space. Our previous work on the project paid off and we are now ready to attract a wider audience to the project. Be ready for WILD times.

giveaway campaigns!

During our marketing campaign we will be running many giveaways promoted by different influencers.

Public sale!

8900 Captain Gambles are up for sale to members of our discord community.

100k giveaway!

As previously announced on our social media channels, after a successful sold out public sale of our NFT's, we will be running a giveaway with prizes worth $100,000. Your role in our discord channel decides in which category tier you will be awarded. KrassArmy will be competing each other for a brand new luxury car (Brand to be decided) (PAID OUT IN EQUAL CRYPTO)

Start of the development!

Our whole team from marketing to development are now completely focused on delivering the casino we have promised you. Our Marketing will continue to drive more people to our community and ensure the demand of the NFT's stays high long after the mint. 

meet up!

We invite KrassArmy role members to meet the team and share their views on the events and the future of the project.

We have thousands of ideas that could be included in the roadmap but we are big fans of step-by-step process. 

Join our discord to know about the release of our White-paper where we describe the whole process of the development in detail.


The SuperKrass NFT project comprises a collection of 10,000 unique Captain Gamble characters that combine authentic and rare art with exceptional utility for all NFT holders. We want to build a community of people that love to gamble and make money along the way!

We will announce the official release and minting date on our discord channel. We will announce the release date very shortly before the mint to keep tensions high. In the meantime join our community on discord to get whitelisted.

The mint event will be accessible through our official website only. There will be two sale events on one event which is the pre-sale, you will be able to mint Captain Gamble at a cost of 0,08 ETH + Gas Fee, on the public sale one Captain Gamble will cost 0.15 ETH + Gas Fee.  After this initial minting process, you can showcase and trade your Captain Gamble’s on OpenSea.

Captain Gamble can be minted max 2 NFTs per whitelisted wallet. Community members with the role “KrassArmy” can mint up to 5 NFTs. Please note that we are planning to allow only whitelisted community members to mint the Captain Gamble NFT. This helps us to ensure that we as community decide the fate of this project and not whales.

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